The rice from Gifu’s plains,
an environmentally friendly farming
in accordance with Japanese ancestral traditions

Looking for a tasty and delicious rice? Gin-no-Mikazuki rice is the one for you!

Our rice, grown under the principles of sustainable agriculture, has been repeatedly rewarded as the best rice in Japan. Considered as both a staple food and a means of social cohesion in Japan, rice is of particular importance in our country and around the world. This is why we pay very careful attention to the quality, authenticity and unique taste of each grain of our rice.

The generous roundness of the grains gives the rice its full flavor and texture. Our rice is always delicious, even when eaten cold. At any moment during your meal, our rice will always give you satisfaction.

Developed at Hida in the Gifu Prefecture, Gin-no-Mikazuki is a brand specialized in harvesting a specific rice variety called Inochi-no-Ichi. The excellence of Japanese agriculture, its high-end quality, ancestral know-how and methods of sustainable production can be found in our products and we are proud to bring them to you.